[New] Scratch-Off Date Games For Couples

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580.000₫ 690.000₫

This is the first-ever scratch-off art poster with romantic ideas and challenges hidden within.

The shimmering, exquisite design is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss” which depicts an unbreakable embrace, tenderness, and passion of the two individuals in love. 

This high-quality product is made of thick laminated paper with the signature top gold foil layer that can be easily scratched off to reveal date ideas and challenges. 

It’s a perfect gift for a lasting relationship, made for a great wedding, Valentine’s day, newlyweds, anniversary, or a gift for yourself for no reason at all...

Product includes:
- 1 scratch-off art poster sized A1 (84x60cm)
- 1 scratch-off tool kit
- 1 instruction book

A frame is not included








About the challenges


Our ideas and challenges were carefully chosen, which includes icebreakers, likes/dislikes, memories, fears, dreams, favorites, feedback, dating, relationship, life, and even spicy ideas.

The 265 romantic ideas and challenges are categorized into three levels. Each progressive level poses challenges that become more personal, requiring more effort and challenging players to be more adventurous and open to strengthening their bond. 


All three levels are covered by the scratchable gold foil that makes playing the game an adventure in itself. 


There are some challenges that are indicated for specific events as well. Unveil them only when those days come.


Some challenges can be done easily and immediately, while others may require a great deal of time and effort to prepare. 

Are the challenges costly to do? There are romantic ideas and challenges that range from $0 – very expensive, but they can always be modified accordingly to your budget and creativity.

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